Imaging Gauge™ benefits for Surveillance Applications:

  • The 2 x 2 ft. target IMG-QA-90-6 was specifically designed for surveillance applications

  • Establish resolution, brightness and contrast specifications for purchasing systems
  • Calibrate into real-world dimension using sensor resolution feature
  • Establish camera baseline image quality performance
  • Enable statistical quality control of cameras
  • Ensure consistent performance when replacing cameras, lenses and lighting

Unlike biometric applications such as mugshots (horizontal camera direction) and aerial imaging (vertical camera direction), surveillance cameras are typically set up at an angle between horizontal and vertical.  They are also required to operate with a large depth of field (DOF).  The resolution requirements for surveillance cameras vary widely depending on the site requirements.  The 2 x 2 ft. target IMG-QA-90-6 was designed to account for the wide resolution range.


The mounting stand IMG-TP-6 was designed specifically for the many mounting angles required for surveillance cameras.


To completely specify the location of a target for analysis,  three (3) position parameters and three (3) orientation parameters must be defined.  Target position within the test space is defined by the position on the floor (x,y) and the height from the floor (z). Target orientation within the test space is defined by the absolute cardinal direction θ, plumb φ, and level ψ angles.