Software Editions


Imaging Gauge™ is offered in three editions: Engineering, Enterprise, and Deployment.  These provide different levels of functionality depending on the user’s needs.

  • Engineering Edition: Designed for research and engineering environments with full image analysis capability. Test specification profile creation and editing is enabled for text-based (non-encrypted) files only.   Add to Shopping Cart
  • Enterprise Edition: Designed for system integrators and engineers who deploy test systems to production. Includes all functionality of the Engineering Edition with additional capability to create encrypted test profiles and technical contact links for use with the Deployment Edition.   Add to Shopping Cart
  • Deployment Edition: Designed for use by non-technical operators in field or production environments. All image tests are performed as in the other editions and summary pass/fail indicators are displayed to the end user. The ability to create or edit encrypted test profiles is disabled for this edition. Automated technical support interface is built-in for communicating images and data to a specialist using the Enterprise Edition.   Add to Shopping Cart