Software Activation

Imaging Gauge™ software has two conditions required for an installation to operate:  license activation and sufficient number of image actuations.  Both are managed through an interface that communicates with the APPLIED IMAGE servers to validate the installation.

View the Activation Tutorial for more information.  This tutorial demmonstrates the Account Management interface to activate a software license and add image actuations.


  • Software is copy-protected
  • Software can be used on one workstation at a time
  • Each software edition (Enterprise, Engineering & Deployment) is licensed independently

 Image Actuations:

  • A supply of image “actuations” is required for the software to operate
  • The supply is decremented by one each time an image is analyzed
  • Blocks of image 1000 actuations are added using activation keys instead of yearly license subscriptions.  Free software updates are available at any time.

Purchase Actuation Keys