Saved Results

Imaging Gauge™ data is exported as tab-delimited, ASCII text files.  The data are exported into two separate files: a comprehensive individual file for each image and an appended summary file that contains data from all images analyzed.


* Detailed individual files are only available with the Engineering and Enterprise Editions.

Summary File – a master file of all analyzed images contains a subset of most relevant data.  This file is best for comparing data between a number of camera systems or for a single camera system tested over a period of time.
Click for examples of Summary Results: Tab-Delimited Text File or Excel File

Individual File – a file unique to each image containing all the data measured as part of its analysis.  This can be easily printed, stored or shared electronically for a particular camera system.  Bold items are only included in the Individual File.  These contain:

  Image and system  information
•  Target Position data
•  Digital Code Values for all 24 patches
•  CIELab values for all patches
•  Delta E and Delta E (ab) values for all 24 patches
•  Noise and Neutral Balance for six neutral patches
•  Uniformity
•  Registration
•  Resolution measurements for all colors and directions
•  Full Spatial Frequency Response (SFR) curves

Click for examples of Individual Results: Tab-Delimited Text File or Excel File