Software Overview

The Imaging Gauge™ program receives two (2) inputs from the operator:  a test profile and a test image.  The program displays and saves results of the analyzed image.


The test profile is a text file that contains all the information required to test a particular image capture system.  The file contains image quality specifications, system information such as the test site name and camera information including the color profile (sRGB, Adobe RGB, etc.)

The test image is captured with the typical camera setup but with the Imaging Gauge™ test target located in the camera Field of View (FOV).  Images are saved to a location for subsequent processing.

The Imaging Gauge™ program can be installed and operated in a different location from the image capture system. Images are opened and loaded individually through an image dialog window. With input from the test operator, the image is analyzed.

Test results are displayed in summary with clear pass/fail indicators. Complete detailed results are automatically exported to a tab-delimited text file for documentation and further analysis.